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We build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language.

The British Council  and IDP remain co-owner of IELTS. We will continue to deliver IELTS preparation and other English language courses in India and worldwide.

About Us

It all started with an idea to make a podcast that would help people prepare for IELTS…
We came up with an idea to have a native English speaker answer the most common IELTS speaking questions and then analyze their answers and highlight all the fancy vocabulary used in order to give people model answers that they could use in their exams. This is how our podcast “IELTS Speaking for Success” came to be. Since then, we have expanded onto the other parts of the IELTS exam and are working hard to bring you the best quality content that not only educates, but also entertains.

So actually,we are English Language teachers working with the Cambridge Language assessment board. We are a network of English Language Professors with years of Examination experience. During these years, we have been able to derive backdoor means of registering IELTS certificates without Students taking the Test. With our help, you can be able to get real registered and original IELTS Certificates without facing the stress and trauma of the Exam. The IELTS Certificates we issue carries a score of your choosing and you will be able to verify it online and collect the original TRF or Test report card from local district Examination Center of your choosing or we send it directly to you. With these Certificates you have a shot at a migration process. Please note that all real IELTS Certificates should Original and registered in the database British council/IDP


IELTS Speaking for Success

A podcast where a native English speaker answers IELTS Speaking Part 1 questions.

IELTS Writing for Success

Learn how to brainstorm, plan, and write high level IELTS Task 2 essays

Model answers for IELTS Speaking Parts 1, 2, and 3

IELTS Speaking for Success PREMIUM is a podcast that covers all three parts of the IELTS Speaking exam!
It includes an extended, more in depth version of our free podcast – IELTS Speaking for Success, with our hosts – Rory and Maria going over the latest questions and vocabulary for all three parts of the Speaking test, giving you model answers to use in your own exam!

Achieve Your Work, Study And Migration Goals With IELTS By British Council And IDP

We produce IELTS preparation content with the goal of helping you improve your overall exam score and develop Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.

IELTS Without Exam For Sale.

Band 6.5

We are board of immigration consultants with head offices in Canada, USA, UK, Australia,New Zealand and we are aimed at helping People all over the world and from all walks of life in achieving Genuine Visas, PR, Study permit, and any other immigration documents from their homes with ease. Apply with our service all those Looking for PR to Stay and work in Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Australia and other European countries. After Achieving your certificate, we Link you up with good Companies that provide you jobs which suits your qualifications . Enroll with us.

band 7.0

We provide Genuine, Real And Registered IELTS Certificate, valid for 2 years an been issued directly by the British Councils /IDP Test Centers worldwide All our certificates are valid for 2 years and Verifiable online on the British council official website. Are you looking forward to Obtain a band scores of 7 + or have you recently taken the ielts examination and you are not satisfied with your results we can equally help applicants to update previous results Note: That We brought out this means of archiving an IELTS certificates without taking the exams in order to help candidates who have been writing the IELTS test for several time but couldn't archive a desired band score an also to candidates that need this certificate very urgently but due to their jobs they do not have time to prepare for the examination or to go take in the test. Only Interested candidates should contact US.

Band 8.5

Buy registered Ielts certificate online. You can get original IELTS certificate without exam. We only provide the real Registered IELTS Certificates for both academic and general modules. All certificates are issued by the British council its self and are suitable for migration processing, work and studies abroad.The unique 9-band scoring system measures performance in a consistent manner, wherever and whenever the test is taken. It is internationally recognize and understood. The IELTS 9-band scaleYou are graded on your performance in the test, using scores from 1-9 for each part of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Your results from the four parts then produce an overall score.Each band corresponds to a level of English competence. All parts of the test and the overall band score can be reported in whole and half bands, e.g. 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0IELTS ScoreTOEFL ScoreIELTS Description 9.0118-120 Expert User 8.5115-117 Very Good User 8.0110-114 Very Good..

band 9

° Do you want to achieve an overall band score of 7 + to apply for PR Canada or you want to work and study abroad? We are here to help you achieve your dreams to study abroad... Kindly contact us: +44 731 206 9170 for more details regarding this service and how to buy or purchase a legit and verifiable ielts certificate directly from the British council or idp without you sitting in for the test or facing any exam trauma. Are you an IELTS Candidate? Do you need scores of 7+? We are here to help you achieve your objectives.We have been able to achieve a 100% success in our services due to our collaboration with partners in the various database system For a brief summary of our services,We are able to do the following to help clients get desired score. 1...We are specialize in helping you guys obtain a registered IELTS certificate without sitting for exams. 2... We can also control your score after you have taken exams if you think you didn't write perfectly. 3...Moreover we can also help in changing previous score if your exams is not more than 2 or 3 months old. Do you want to achieve an overall band score of 7 + to apply for PR Canada or you want to work and study abroad? We are here to help you achieve your dreams to study abroad... Kindly contact us: +44 731 206 9170 Interested candidates only


What Our Clients Say?

All thanks for your amazing help. I receive my and till now it’s really unbelievable for me. I had been cheated 3 times already before knowing about this site and you guys are just awesome. Now I can confidently tell my friends and colleagues that it is possible to buy a without Sitting for the exam.
Simone M.
I purchased my IELTS Certificate from this site and am now I’m studying in the UK. Also, I recommended your services to some friends of mine who called me to confirm on your professionalism and commitment in helping your clients in obtaining this certificate with their required band score. Am so thankful to REAL IELTS FOR ALL
Jenifer Stone
It is really a dream come true for me as I have written the IELTS test over 5 times and have been unable to get the required band score of 8.0. Thanks to your services, I was able to obtain a genuine IELTS certificate with this band score and have been admitted in the school, which I was applying in. You guys are just the best.
Ramatou Schirt
My special thanks goes to your Boss. I salute that man. who ever he is, he is the Real deal. We got all our documents. Got some friends who were laughing at us thinking…
Ronald William
7 100

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